CWMS Connecting


Following is a brief summary of the connection process:

1)       Obtain an application form and guidelines for connection to the scheme from the Council Office, Rural Transaction Centre (RTC) or below.

2)       Submit completed application form for Council consideration and approval.

3)       The approval process can take up to 30 days.

4)       Upon receipt of the written conditional wastewater approval, work may commence by the licensed plumber.

5)       Under no circumstances is work to commence prior to approval being given.  Penalties may apply.

6)       A minimum of 24 hours’ notice (not including weekend or public holidays) must be given for Council to inspect the works prior to concealment.  Council may or may not undertake an inspection.

7)       All septic tanks are required to be emptied by an EPA licenced contractor and a Carters Note to be supplied to Council along with the plumbers Certificate of Compliance, within 28 days.

8)       Concrete septic tanks must be caved in with holes punched in the base or removed completely and backfilled with inert material.  Poly septic tanks must be removed off-site to a licensed landfill and backfilled with inert material.

9)      There are no application, connection or inspection fees applicable over the initial four years.


Example Application Form:

CWMS Example Application Form(172 kb)


Example Plan / Diagram:

CWMS Example Plan(267 kb)


Blank Application Form:

Application for Onsite Wastewater Works Approval(136 kb)


Connection Guidelines:

CWMS Connection Guidelines(215 kb)