Pavers and Walks

Historical Pavers

Take time to visit the 3 sites of pavers which are on display in Peterborough:

1) The Railway Memorial Pavers - Pavers bearing the names of workers from the railways in Peterborough, located in the Main Street town square.  If a relative is missing from these, why not contact Chris Woodman at the Newsagency, and for a donation fo $40 an engraved paver can be added as a lasting record.  See the order form at the bottom of this page.

2) Mayors - All past and present Mayors of Petersburg and Peterborough have a dedicated paver outside the Town Hall.

3) Jervois Street Pavers - Names from the past and present line Jervois Street.  Why not contact the History Group and add one yourself - you don't have to be a resident of Peterborough!  See the order form at the bottom of this page.

Interpretative Walk

Why not incorporte a lovely walk around Peterborough with the interpretative signs which have been stationed around the town.

The walk should take approximately 80 minutes, commencing at the Visitor Information Centre and proceeding west along Main Street toward the Town Hall.  It takes in a host of historial buildings and sites with an interpretative sign explaining the history of each (some may be on the opposite side of the road).

Attached below is a map of where the signs are situated.

Interpretative History Walk(1035 kb)

Stepping Out Walking Trail

If you enjoy a nice walk, we also have the Stepping Out Walking Trail around Peterborough too.

This trail is 2.5km long and starts and finishes at the Post Office in the Main Street.  It is very easy to follow, as there are marked pavers along the way.

Head west from the post office along Main Street, then approximately at the school crossing (pavers indicate where), cross over Main Street and head east.  Once you reach the gates of the football oval, you will see pavers indicating you cross the road and head west again (back to the post office).

Happy walking !

Railway Pavers(180 kb)

Jervois St Pavers(97 kb)