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Homes and businesses in Peterborough & District can now switch to the nbn™ network


Residents and business owners in Peterborough are set to enter a new era of fast broadband with the official switch on of the nbn™ network in the area. More than 1,100 families and businesses are now able to connect to the nbn™ network and start enjoying all the benefits.

The nbn™ network is so much more than fast internet. A state of the art communications network opens up a world of possibilities across education, business and entertainment. It also gives Australians the opportunity to be more productive, more creative, more efficient and more connected for decades to come.

  • Over 1.4 million households are already enjoying:
    • A brighter future: With new opportunities to learn, both in and out of the classroom, the nbn™ network will help you and future generations flourish in a digital world.
    • Entertainment without the wait:  Enjoy quick access to the content you need, when you need it – whether you’re video streaming, online gaming or watching live news and sport.†
    • Loved ones within reach: With great quality video calls (minus the constant dropouts), you’ll never feel too far away.†
    • A plan and speed that suits: You can connect to the nbn™ network through a range of providers who offer a variety of plans and speed options to meet your needs. When selecting your plan, keep in mind that 25Mbps or above is considered a superfast broadband speed.^

Steps to connect:

  1. Check your address: Find out if the nbn™ network is available at your address, visit nbn.com.au
  2. Register for updates: If the nbn™ network is not yet available, register for email updates.
  3. nbn will let you know: Once you’ve registered for updates with nbn, they’ll email you when your home or business is ready to connect. Once you have confirmation that you can switch to the nbn™ network, you will have 18 months to move your services to the nbn™ network before the existing network is switched off.
  4. Choose the right plan: You can connect to the nbn™ network through a range of providers offering a choice of nbn™ plans. When selecting your plan, keep in mind that 25Mbps or above is considered a superfast broadband speed^.
  5. Contact your service provider: Switching is not automatic, so contact a phone or internet service provider.
  6. Switch before disconnection: It’s a good idea to switch to the nbn™ network well before your disconnection date (approximately 18 months from January 2017) to allow time for your order to be processed, and for installation, if applicable. (Standard installation time is approximately 3.5 hours.)

For a detailed view on what's happening in Peterborough you can explore the network rollout map at http://www.nbnco.com.au/learn-about-the-nbn/rollout-map.html

^Superfast means wholesale download speed above 25 Mbps as defined by the ACCC.

Your experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn™ network, depends on the technology over which services are delivered to your premises and some factors outside of nbn™'s control (like your equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how your service provider designs its network).

The activation of the fixed line network in Peterborough complements the live fixed wireless network around the surrounds of the town, and with the live Sky Muster™ Satellite service across the remainder of the district, (which makes fast and reliable internet a reality for rural and remote Australia), the rollout is now complete within the District Council of Peterborough area!

Moving to the nbn™ network is not automatic – find out whether you’re able to connect at www.nbnco.com.au

Homes and businesses within the live area need to call their preferred phone or internet service provider to secure an nbn™ connection. Service providers have already commenced direct marketing engagement within Peterborough, and nbn’s 18-month communications program has now commenced too, including direct mail to owner and/or occupiers within the town.

After the switch off date, most of the existing landline networks used for landline phone and internet services, including copper and the vast majority of HFC networks, will be replaced by the nbn™ network. See here for further information:  www.nbnco.com.au If you live in an area where nbn™ fibre is available, existing landline phone, ADSL internet and Telstra Cable internet services will be permanently disconnected, and replaced by the nbn™ fibre network in your area.

That means if you want to continue using these landline phone and internet services, you’ll need to move to the nbn™ network well ahead of the disconnection date in your area.

Go to the nbn™ website for further information:  http://www.nbn.com.au/ or call your service provider.