CWMS Background

The District Council of Peterborough at its Ordinary meeting 19th December 2016 resolved to proceed with the construction of the Community Waste Water Management System in the township of Peterborough. In line with the Local Government Act 1934 Section 530C, Local Government Act 1999 Section 155, South Australian Public Health Act 2011 Section 37 and the South Australian Public Health (Wastewater) Regulations 2013 Section 8, Council has resolved the following in relation to a Community Waste Water Management System (CWMS).

Connection to the scheme is compulsory.

  1. The Community Wastewater Management System is a full sewerage system negating the need for septic tanks.
  2. That the treatment facility and pond be located at the transfer station.
  3. That 6 pump stations be located throughout the township.
  4. The Council contribution cost of $6.5million will be financed on a principal and interest loan over 20 years.
  5. The annual service charge for ongoing operational, maintenance, future capital replacement costs and servicing the loan for residential properties will be $540 and non-residential properties to be calculated using the CWMS Property Units Code for establishing and applying property units as a factor for the imposition of annual service charges for Community Wastewater Management System, adjusted annually by CPI or by regulatory authority. 
  6. That a grace period of 4 years be allowed following commission of the CWMS within which time residents must complete the connection of their properties to the CWMS, at their own cost.
  7. That all fees associated with applications and inspections in accordance with the South Australian Public Health (Wastewater) (Fees) Variation Regulations 2014 be waived during the 4 year grace period.
  8. Properties with compliant Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWT) will be written to individually.
  9. Council has adopted a Hardship Policy and Customer Charter, which was approved by the Minister.
  10. Construction of the scheme started late February 2017 and was finished mid-2018.
  11. Council will offer bobcat trenching at a cost of $30.00 per hour on private property during the grace period of 4 years providing there is unrestricted access. Additional charges will apply if other equipment is required to assist with the trenching.

P McGuinness, Chief Executive Officer



Total Cost: $17.6 million

$2.5 million grant from the State Government / Local Government Association

$8.6 million grant from the Federal Government

$6.5 million to be paid by Council - financed on a principal and interest loan over 20 years


Map of connections: CWMS Connections Map - Final 06/19(8229 kb)