Payments and Fines

Payment of Rates

You can choose to pay your rates in four quarterly instalments (at no additional cost) or in one annual amount by the first quarter due date.  If you choose to pay quarterly we will send you a notice for each quarter.  Full payment may be made at any time in advance of the relevant due date.

Payment Methods

1)     At the Council offices between the hours of 9.15am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday

2)     Post – Cheque or Money Order to: PO Box 121, Peterborough, SA 5422

3)     Visa or Mastercard Credit Card – call (08) 8651 3566

4)     Direct Debit – Bank SA, BSB: 105-005, Account No: 072499240, Name: District Council of Peterborough, Please use your assessment number as the reference number.

Fines for Late Payment

The amount of rates due will be overdue if they have not been paid by the ‘last day for payment’ shown on the front of your rate notice.  After this date, additional charges will apply.  A fine of 2% of the amount due will be added immediately and at the end of each month thereafter, interest, at the rate prescribed in the Local Government Act 1999, will be added (including the amount on any previous unpaid fine, but excluding any previous unpaid interest).

Change of Address or Ownership

Please advise Council in writing immediately if your details have changed.