Food Safety

Food Businesses

All businesses selling food are required to "notify" their local council. Under the Food Act 2001, a food business means a business, enterprise or activity (other than a primary food production business) that involves:

(a) the handling of food intended for sale; or

(b) the sale of food regardless of whether the business, enterprise or activity concerned is of a commercial, charitable or community nature or whether it involves the handling or sale of food on one occasion only.

Food business even includes businesses like chemists, cinemas, delicatessen, canteens, child care centres, liquor stores, video stores, petrol stations and swimming pools, if they sell packaged or any other type of food. Food businesses, from major food manufacturers to the local church group or sporting club that holds a once per year food fair, have defined responsibilities under the legislation to ensure the safety of food.

Mobile food businesses will notify the council in which the vehicle is normally garaged.

You must notify Council by completing a Food Business Notification Form and sending Council confirmation of approval.

  • Please note that a food business must notify Council of food handling operations before they commence. [Refer to Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 Division 2 Clause 4]
  • If you operate an existing business that has not "notified" please contact the District Council of Peterborough on 8651 3566 or via email on

The Food Safety Standards are available from the Food Standards Australia & New Zealand website. There are numerous other fact sheets and food related articles available also.

Working under the jurisdiction of the Food Act and Regulations, Environmental Health Officers routinely inspect food premises, investigate reports of food poisoning, and respond to customer complaints relating to food safety and conduct food safety education programs in schools and food premises.

For further information contact Council's Environmental Health Officer on 8651 3566 or email


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Food Business Notification Form

Food Safety

We are fortunate in Australia to have access to an abundance of fresh foods and our cultural diversity is reflected in the many different styles of foods we eat. Unfortunately, many of these foods, if not properly handled, can provide food poisoning organisms the perfect opportunity to grow and so contaminate the food. This contaminated food, if eaten, may result in sickness that can range from a minor stomach upset through to an extremely severe, life threatening illness.

Council's Environmental Health Officer may (if substantiated) investigate cases of food related illness where the ill person usually blames restaurant meals or take away foods. While commercially produced food can be the cause of illness, investigation reveals that poor food handling practices at home is often a significant factor.

Should you think you have food poisoning, seek medical help immediately.


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