Kerbside Waste & Recycling

COVID-19 Update:

Kerbside collection will continue as scheduled, however, please do not overfill your bin, because overspill or dropped rubbish will NOT be picked up by the driver.


Kerbside Waste Collection and Recycling Service

Collection days are Tuesdays weekly for "household waste" (smaller red lid wheelie bin) and Wednesdays fortnightly for "recyclables" (larger green, or yellow lid wheelie bin).  Bins are to be put out the night before collection day and must not be overfull, ie lids must close.

Bins are also not interchangeable, ie you cannot fill the green/yellow lid bin with household waste and put it out for collection with the red lid bins.  It will not be emptied.

Please also do not remove from the bins from the property that they have been allocated to, ie take them to another address.

If you put both bins out on the same day, please leave a 50cm gap between them.

If you have any queries/concerns regarding collection/missed collection, please call Clare Valley Waste on 0438 884 340.

What can go in my Recycling Bin:

Cardboard to be flattened, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, egg cartons

Plastic lined cardboard cartons, ie milk cartons, flavoured milk drinks, iced coffee, custard cartons

Plastic bottles to be washed out and lids removed but lids can still be put in the recycling bin separately, ie drink bottles, detergent bottles, yoghurt, ice cream and margarine containers, biscuit trays, plant pots (excluding the terracotta coloured ones), CLEAN waste oil containers.

Glass bottles and jars - rinsed

Aluminium and steel cans/tins plus metal lids from jars - washed out

Aerosol containers - empty

What can NOT go in my Recycling Bin:

Nappies / all plastic bags - carrier bags, ice bags, Sunday Mail wrapper / other soft plastics - clingwrap / batteries / clothing, rags, shoes / green, garden waste / car parts / ceramics / coat hangers / crockery / electrical items / food scraps / gas cylinders / light globes / medical waste / mobile phones / paper towels / polystyrene food trays, cups & packaging / syringes / tissues / window glass / asbestos

Recycling Tips:

  • DO NOT tie up or bundle newspapers or cardboard
  • DO NOT put items into plastic bags or boxes - place loosely into the bin
  • Empty and rinse all containers and bottles
  • Remove all lids from jars, bottles and plastic containers, but put in recycling bin
  • Pizza boxes are acceptable as long as they are not heavily soiled by the contents

Please contact Council for any clarification.

Recycling collection dates for 2021 are as follows:

    • January 6 and 20
    • February 3 and 17
    • March 3, 17 and 31
    • April 14 and 28
    • May 12 and 26
    • June 9 and 23
    • July 7 and 21
    • August 4 and 18
    • September 1, 15 and 29
    • October 13 and 27
    • November 10 and 24
    • December 8 and 22