PlanSA - New Development & Planning System

Effective 31st July 2020 a new planning system - PlanSA - applies across South Australia's outback and rural areas.

PlanSA includes the new Planning and Design Code and associated ePlanning platform, replacing hard copy council development plans and the manual processing of development applications.

If you are looking to build or renovate your home, subdivide your land, add a shed or carport to your property, this platform will help you to submit and track development applications online, pay fees, receive information requests from the accredited planning and building professional assessing your application, search property zoning and review development rules.

All development applications must now be lodged via the SA Planning Portal:

The SA Planning Portal is your one stop shop for information about everything planning and development, whether you are a planning or building professional, community member or wanting to lodge an application.

The Portal has information on the new system including links to all the resources you might need, legislation, fact sheets, guides and videos on how to access and use the online information.

Confused by all the new rules? Not sure if your development needs approval? Don’t worry, visit the Development Approval Wizard online and it will guide you through whether or not your project requires approval by helping you to determine:

  • If you need approval
  • How to apply for approval
  • Who to contact for more information

Minor projects such as erecting a fence, solar panels or a small garden shed may not require approval depending on where you live and the size of the project.

The SA Property and Planning Atlas, otherwise known as SAPPA, can help you locate what zone your property is in. You can click through the various information and find out if there are any subzones, overlays or Heritage applicable to your property as well.

Simply go to the SAPPA website, enter your property address and you’ll find out all the relevant information on your property such as zoning, Council area and Certificate of Title references.

Alternatively, visit Zoning for a Property on the PlanSA website to view the Peterborough and district maps under the Planning and Design Code Maps.

The new Planning & Design Code is digital by default, which means all this information is online and easily accessible to everyone. You will have access to the same information as the Planning and Building professionals.

The Code, as it is called, allows you to determine ‘what polices apply to an address’, determine ‘what policies apply to a development’ and ‘browse the Planning & Design Code’, all from the comfort of your own home or office.

Need some additional assistance? The Portal has plenty of guides to help you find what you need.

So you’ve researched your development project and are ready to lodge an application here are the ways this can be done:

  1. Through the PlanSA Portal. It will help you step through all of the questions required to successfully lodge your application and upload the relevant plans and information. It will even provide you will little hints and tips along the way if you get stuck. If you find that you haven’t got all of the information then you can pause your application and come back to it another time.
  2. You can engage an independent accredited professional to lodge the application on your behalf
  3. Via email, post or in person with the Council.  For an additional $80 processing fee, send your Development Application (along with all of the signed statutory forms) to Council, and they will be lodged on your behalf:


Post: PO Box 121, Peterborough, SA 5422

Council Front Counter:  Town Hall, 108 Main Street, Peterborough, SA 5422

At the District Council of Peterborough we understand that not everyone is comfortable with technology, so here are a list of various support services available to you.

Council Staff

If you would like Council Staff to assist you with lodging your application, request an appointment for a mutually beneficial time by telephoning (08) 8651 3566, or email

If you present to the office without an appointment we may not be able to assist you at that time and you may be asked to come back later.

Please also remember that this system is new to Council staff too, and your patience is appreciated.

SA Planning Portal

The Portal has lots of information and guides available to assist you navigate the new system.

PlanSA Helpline

For all enquiries about the Planning and Design Code, please phone the new PlanSA Helpline on 1800 752 664 or email them on: or visit their Contact Us page:


Development Application Form

Guide to submitting a development application

Fact Sheet - Find out if you need approval

Fact Sheet - Development Application Checklist

Fact Sheet - Requests for additional information during assessment

Fact Sheet - Engaging an accredited professional as a decision maker

Fees and Charges at a glance

Forms and Documents

Development Application Wizard

Planning and Design Code

Other Resources

For any further advice on these matters, please contact Council's Development and Regulatory Services Officer on (08) 8651 3566, or email