Registration Fees (2020-2021)


Standard Fee

Concession Fee

Standard registration












Desexed & trained



Desexed & microchipped



Microchipped & trained



Desexed, trained & microchipped



Working dog



Working dog desexed



Working dog desexed & microchipped



Working dog desexed, microchipped & trained






Late registration



Limit on Dog Numbers

The limit on the number of dogs kept on any premises in the township is two (2), with the number kept on premises outside of the township being three (3), except for approved kennel establishments.

Desexing Your Dog

Please see the attached flyer from re desexing your dog.

Barking Dog(s)

The Town of Peterborough deals with approximately 130 dog noise complaints each year. Residents are encouraged in the first instance to try and solve the problem with the owner of the dog(s). The complaint procedures for barking dog(s) complaints are as follows:

1. Download Dog Noise Record Sheets or obtain it from the Council Offices,
2. Complete the Dog Noise Record Form and hand back to the Council when completed,
3. The dog management officer will then assess the 7 day diary and determine if the complaint is justified and sufficient evidence is obtained,
4. If further evidence is required, a door knock of the immediate area will commence to ascertain if further proceedings are justified,
5. If the complaint of the nuisance dog(s) is found to be justified, then council may proceed to do the following directions,
a. Issue an Expiation notice, (section 45a, subsection 5)
b. Issue a Notice of Intention to issue an Order (section 52 of the Act)
c. Issue a Dog Control Order (section 50 of the Act)

Dog Noise Complaints Fact Sheet

Dog Noise Record Sheets

Dog Noise Complaint Form


Dog owners have a responsibility not only to their animal(s) but to the community.  Respect and consideration between neighbours goes a long way in preventing problems with dogs.  Penalties apply for various offences.

Off-leash Dog Park

The Park provides over an acre for off leash dog exercise.  Located Opposite Steamtown, next to the Nissen Hut.  Features include:

  • Natural Surroundings
  • Off street car parking

Lost and Found

Please contact the council if you have lost or found a dog.

Tel: 8651 3566


Please click here for impounded dogs.