Transfer Station Vouchers

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2nd September 2020
Free Transfer Station Vouchers for each household once 1st quarter rates have been paid. Read more here.

Council at the August 2020 Ordinary Meeting agreed to issue all ratepayers, for their principle place of residence, 4 green waste vouchers and 2 hard waste vouchers upon payment of their first quarter rates notice.

The principle place of residence exclusion allows renters to access the vouchers once the landlord has paid their first quarter rates.

These vouchers can be used at anytime during normal waste depot operating times. Certain conditions apply which are on the reverse of the vouchers (e.g. loads to be sorted, no trucks, no tyres, etc.). Each voucher is valid for the day (i.e. you can use for multiple trips the same day whilst waste depot open).

This new process will replace both the hard waste pick up and the pensioner pick up.

Any person who is eligible to receive the waste vouchers who does not drive can give their voucher to a family member or friend (that can assist with the dispose of their waste) to use on their behalf. Anyone experiencing hardship or does not drive and have any family or friends that are willing to assist should contact the Council.

Colin Davies
Acting CEO
District Council of Peterborough