Get Healthy

Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service (on behalf of SA Health)
About the Service:

The Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service is a FREE, CONFIDENTIAL telephone-based service that helps people make lifestyle changes regarding:

The service is for 6 months and delivers the coaching support and information you need to help reach your health goals.

What the Service Offers:

As a coaching participant of the Get Healthy Service, you will:

Your personal Get Healthy coach will assist in:

So call the Get Healthy Service today and start your journey:

Simply phone: 1300 806 258, Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm

Or visit: (Free interpreter services available).


District Council of Peterborough
108 Main Street, PO Box 121
Peterborough SA 5422
Phone: 08 8651 3566
Fax: 08 8651 3066