Art Prize Exhibition & Festival

We are fortunate to have creative people in Peterborough who have ideas. The idea is the starting point, and then it takes people with a variety of skills and dedication to have the faith and courage to carry out these ideas.

The Peterborough Art Prize was an idea conceived by Willem and Judith Kempen. With support from volunteers, this 10-day exhibition has grown into one of SA's best Art Prize events.

Local ladies Mary Martin, Judy Evans and Valda Graefe then had an idea "Why don't we build a whole festival around the Art Prize?" The idea gained support and the Peterborough Art & Cultural Festival came in to being.

The aims of the Art & Cultural Festival are:

The Festival is held around Easter annually and is supported by the District Council of Peterborough & local sponsors (businesses and individuals).

Enjoy ten days of fabulous exhibitions and events.

Admire the talents of Australian artists and photographers at the colourful Peterborough Art Prize, in the beautiful Peterborough Town Hall.

An exhibition which always delights visitors is the Goods Shed Papier Mache/Wireworks Exhibition. You’ll see unique life-size sculptures handcrafted by local artists from wire and old newspapers.

Gorgeous quilts and superb needlework by the Peterborough Patchworkers.

Treat yourself to homemade goodies, produce and crafts at the Festival Markets.

Visit quality Historical displays.

Relax and enjoy live entertainment.

See how locals have learned how to grow wonderful, productive gardens in this extreme climate.


Peterborough Art & Cultural Festival Dates:


For full details visit:

Festival Committee
Chair - Meredith Montgomery 
Tel: 0438 313 193
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