New Food Safety Standard

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8th May 2023
From December 2022 a new Food Safety Standard has been introduced. Please see here for further information.

NEW Food Safety Standard 3.2.2A

Standard 3.2.2A Food Safety Management Tools will be coming into effect in December 2023.

This Standard introduces new requirements for all food service, catering, and retail businesses that handle unpackaged, ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous foods.

Businesses must implement either two or three new food safety management tools, depending on their category (as defined in Standard 3.2.2A), which is based on the risk of the food handling activities of the business. The three tools are:

  • Food handler training
  • Implementation of a certified food safety supervisor
  • Substantiation of key food handling activities

For more information or to read the Standard visit the SA Health page ( on Food Safety Management Tools – Standard 3.2.2A