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Building Family Opportunities

Building Family Opportunities is a program that aims to break the cycle of intergenerational joblessness.  It brings together long-term jobless famailies, local community organisations, government, businesses and employers to find solutions to issues that prevent families from participating in employment and getting ahead.

Building Family Opportunities uses a 'life first' approach that harnesses family strengths to address challenges and build the necessary confidence and skills to succeed in education, training and ultimately, sustainable employment.

Families in Peterborough are given the opportunity to gain employment and address issues that are affecting their well-being.

A Case Manager will be assigned to the family to support all members and assist them in reaching their goals in education, training and employment.

Families have been assisted to find suitable, affordable housing and retain their tenancy by perparing for successful inpsections by landlords.  Other families have wanted assistance with parenting including establishing routines and helping their children attend school regularly.

Some family members have been assisted to access education and training to gain skills and increase the likelihood of getting a job.  The family's Case Manager will work in partnership with other agencies and organisations to address barriers that may be preventing clients from completing school, attending training or gaining employment.

Uniting Care Wesley has developed a range of products to assist people living on a low income to improve their budgeting skills and increase their standard of living.  Building Family Opportunities Case Managers are trained to help client's access products including No Interest Loans for new white goods and negotiating payment options for bills.

Families participating in the program are also supported to address health and well-being issues and are connected to appropriate services.


Eligibiltiy for the program:

  • The family resides in Peterborough
  • They have been jobless for 12 months or more
  • They are eligible for full income support
  • There are children aged 24 and under living with them



Diane Bishop
Case Manager, Building Family Opportunities
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