District Council of Peterborough

Public Consultation - Elector Representation Review

Review of Elector Representation

Notice is hereby given that the District Council of Peterborough has undertaken a review to determine whether alterations are required in respect to elector representation, including ward boundaries and the composition of council.


Council has prepared a report which details the review process, public consultation undertaken and a proposal council considers could be carried into effect.  A copy of this report is available at the bottom and also for inspection and/or purchase at the council office at 108 Main Street, Peterborough, SA 5422.

Written Submissions

Written submissions are invited from interested persons from 20th June 2017 and should be directed to Peter McGuinness, CEO, District Council of Peterborough, PO Box 121, Peterborough, SA 5422 or email council@peterborough.sa.gov.au to be received by close of business on Friday 28th July 2017.

Any person(s) making a written submission will be invited to appear before a meeting of council or council committee to be heard in respect of their submission.

Information regarding the representation review can be obtained by contacting Peter McGuinness on telephone (08) 8651 3566 or email council@peterborough.sa.gov.au

Elector Representation Review(110 kb)

Peter McGuinness
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