The Landscapes

Where Dragons Rest and Eagles Turn

Peterborough is very much a part of the Southern Flinders, sharing in its beauty.

Take a look over the town from the lofty platform in Greg Duggan’s Reserve. The landscape is wide, generous and old; the town is but a tiny scribble on an ancient text.

Walk the Reserve trails through the silver mulga, looking for red-capped robins and wedge-tailed eagles; when the dew is still on the ground, some 200 kangaroos come to feed here.

Not far away is Dragons Rest, 10 magical acres and 30 years of love. Wander the orchards, vegetable plots, tree groves, sculptures and native plantings. The garden is home to at least 40 bird species in any one month. And dragons? Absolutely – several mating pairs at the last count.

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