"These steam engines were fed and watered, they breathed and they spoke. Each had its own character - so, this one might have been an old cow, but that one always did as it was told"

Shirley Edmonds, Railwayman's daughter and Steamtown guide

The Legacy

During the heyday of the 1950s and 60s, over 100 steam locomotives were being moved in and out of Peterborough – so many locos and so much steam that the local climate of the shallow valley was made slightly warmer.

This potent legacy is all around you: it’s in the muscular Australian locos on display, in the rich civic buildings, in the four pubs (where more than a few old engine drivers gather) and most significantly it’s in the Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre, the place where it all happened.

You can join the continuous guided tours of Steamtown at any time:

Walk through the vast Roundhouse – a heritage-listed structure with an 85 foot turntable. Once housing 23 locos, it’s the only such three-gauge structure in the world.

Get hands-on with locos, diesels and rolling stock, all in their original setting.

Crouch beneath the wheels of a 102-tonne loco before sitting in the driver’s seat.

Tour the teak panelled interior of a 1923 1st Class lounge car (complete with piano!)

See the unique Motor Inspection Car, a Morris 25 on bogie wheel.

Hear poignant stories from the Peterborough men and women who lived the glory days of Steamtown – people with a special place in their hearts for the steam engine.

If there’s only one reason to stay an extra day, it’s to do the gorgeous experience that is the Sound and Light Show. Walk into the Roundhouse at night, with only the silent black locos and the gleaming Southern Cross for company. Then sit back in a reconditioned carriage and watch through the window as a movie retells a truly Australian story… (Night bookings essential).

For more information visit the Steamtown website: www.steamtown.com.au

(Summer Season Schedule (Dec, Jan, Feb) - Please note: Daily Guided Tours start 10am, last tour starts 2.30pm.  Sound and Light feature movie available during the day in the climate controlled theatrette.  Minimum of 6 for evening Sound and Light Show).


Specials - Don’t forget to go along to Steamtown and take advantage of the “discount special” – you can now receive a crazy 20% discount when you purchase the daily tour with the sound and light show for just $30 per person!


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