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There are new and exciting changes happening at the old Peterborough Tourist Carriage over the next few months, which will involve 2 significant projects:

1)      The Town Carriage, a sensational new attraction, and
2)      The Visitor Information Centre

The community, businesses and visitors all win with a new high quality, free of charge tourism experience in the centre of town.

1)        THE TOWN CARRIAGE ( Final concept yet to be finalised) (Due to open March 2017)

The Town Carriage will be about the town of Peterborough – past, present and future.

It will offer community members and visitors alike the chance to see what makes the town special through a collection of 20 artefacts.  These will be chosen to represent events in the town’s history, people of significance and aspects of life in the town. Presented together in a simple chronology – a timeline of sorts – through to the present day, they will offer a complete picture and illustrate that this town is diverse, interesting and about much more than just railways.

Critically, it will also encourage people to visit related (and equally diverse) attractions in town, engage and hopefully stay an extra day.

The display will occupy the main compartment of the Commonwealth Carriage, with approximately 20 small cabinets and 20 information panels.

For example (and PURELY an example):

Exhibit #6

Movable Lead Type from an 1887 Hoe Rotary Printing Press composited for the banner of the Petersburg Times; plus corresponding front page from edition Feb 12, 1874.

The Peterborough Times ran from 1919-1970. At its height, in 1952, it was circulated to over 20,000 people – a full fifteen times the present population of the town today.

Four of the biggest stories in its 60-year career included the murder of John Doe in 1923, the arrival of the new Y Class loco in 1927, the visit by HRH Duke of York in 1925 and the last train to leave Peterborough Station on the narrow gauge line in 1970.

More here like this, talking about the power of the press and the stories of town. 

Learn more: The Times Printing Office was abandoned in 2000 – and has been left undisturbed since then. This extraordinary time capsule is one of Australia’s most important legacies of a bygone printing age, and a must-see attraction. Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10am - 2pm (or by appointment), entrance fee $5. 


The Two Compartments

The two carriage compartments will house photographs from the Lionel Noble Collection and a screening room.  The screening compartment will have the window transformed in to a screen, showing moving landscapes along the narrow gauge line from Broken Hill to Port Pirie.



For the past 16 months, the VIC has been located at Steamtown during the weekends, which has proved to be a positive move and Council has now embraced this and have relocated the VIC to Steamtown full-time.

The VIC at Steamtown offers more facilities to the visitor, and has also meant that the Peterborough VIC has been able to apply for and has been accredited the South Australian Tourism Commission’s (SATC) yellow italic ‘i’. By achieving this important accreditation, it will lead to more support and marketing from the SATC, including their official visitor guides and maps, which will be another great advantage for the town in bringing extra visitors.

The streamlining and improvement of these offerings finally aids the local community through long-term savings made, plus additional revenue generated by tourists staying longer in town.

The VIC is open 7 days a week, 9am to 5pm. 

Telephone: 08 8651 3355

Email: enquiries@visitpeterboroughsa.com.au

Address:  Peterborough VIC and Steamtown, 1 Telford Avenue, Peterborough, SA 5422 (The western end of the Main Street)

Tourism Website:  www.visitpeterboroughsa.com.au

Brochure:  Tourism Brochure(5097 kb)

Free Mobile Guide/App - Click here: www.tourpeterboroughsa.com.au and then request the link to your email address.  This Guide is best viewed on a mobile or tablet.

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