District Council of Peterborough

Council Policies and By-Laws

Council Policies A - L

pdf Amended Rate Notices

pdf Annual Leave

pdf Apex and Lions Caravan

pdf Asbestos & Asbestos Cement

pdf Asset Accounting & Depreciation

pdf Australia Day - Swimming Pool

pdf Blue Slips

pdf Building & Swimming Pool Inspection

pdf Building Fire Safety Advice

pdf Building Fire Safety Committee

pdf Caretaker

pdf Caretaker Guidelines

pdf Casual Vacancy - Elected Member

pdf Cemeteries

pdf Code of Conduct - Elected Members

pdf Code of Conduct - Employees

pdf Code of Practice - Access to Meetings, Documents & Committees

pdf Code of Practice - Humane Destruction

pdf Community Lands Management Plan July 2004

pdf Complaints Handling Procedure - Elected Members

pdf Complaints Policy

pdf Complaints Procedure

pdf Conflict of Interest

pdf Council Enforcement

pdf Council Members Allowances & Benefits

pdf Development Assessment Panel - Complaints Handling

pdf Disposal of Land & Assets

pdf Drug & Alcohol Policy Testing Procedure

pdf Drugs & Alcohol

pdf Elected Members Records Management

pdf Elected Members Training & Development

pdf Election Signs

pdf Emergency Services / Fire Fighting

pdf Fair Treatment

pdf Fees and Charges

pdf Financial Assistance to Groups

pdf Fire Arms - Use of

pdf Flags

pdf Flood Drain Fencing

pdf Food Inspection Fee

pdf Food Re-Inspection Fee

pdf Fraud & Corruption Prevention

pdf Funding

pdf Handling Frivolous or Vexatious Complaints

pdf Human Resource

pdf Humane Destruction of Galahs & Little Corellas

pdf ID Required to Register a Dog

pdf Induction for New Councils

pdf Informal Gatherings

pdf Installation of Pipeline under Council Road - 15th November 2004

pdf Internal Control

pdf Internal Review of a Council Decision

pdf Interpretative Signs

pdf Long Service Leave


All documents are in .PDF format, the Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe Website.

District Council of Peterborough
108 Main Street, PO Box 121
Peterborough SA 5422
Phone: 08 8651 3566
Fax: 08 8651 3066