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The District Council of Peterborough at its Ordinary meeting 19th December 2016 resolved to proceed with the construction of the Community Waste Water Management System in the township of Peterborough. In line with the Local Government Act 1934 Section 530C, Local Government Act 1999 Section 155, South Australian Public Health Act 2011 Section 37 and the South Australian Public Health (Wastewater) Regulations 2013 Section 8, Council has resolved the following in relation to a Community Waste Water Management System (CWMS).

A copy of the revised indicative plans can be viewed at the Council office, 108 Main St, Peterborough, or in the document below. If you wish to discuss the placement of your connection, please contact Mike Stephenson, the Project Manager (details at the bottom).

  1. The Community Wastewater Management System is a full sewerage system negating the need for septic tanks.
  2. That the treatment facility and pond be located at the transfer station.
  3. That 6 pump stations be located throughout the township.
  4. The Council contribution cost of $6.5million will be financed on a principal and interest loan over 20 years.
  5. The annual service charge for ongoing operational, maintenance, future capital replacement costs and servicing the loan for residential properties will be $540 and non-residential properties to be calculated using the CWMS Property Units Code for establishing and applying property units as a factor for the imposition of annual service charges for Community Wastewater Management System, adjusted annually by CPI or by regulatory authority.
  6. That a grace period of 4 years be allowed following commission of the CWMS within which time residents must complete the connection of their properties to the CWMS, at their own cost.
  7. That all fees associated with applications and inspections in accordance with the South Australian Public Health (Wastewater) (Fees) Variation Regulations 2014 be waived during the 4 year grace period.
  8. Properties with compliant Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWT) will be required to connect to the scheme but may continue to discharge onsite providing all conditions of original approval are met.
  9. Council is currently developing a Hardship Policy in accordance with LGA Circular 25.2. (to be approved by the Minister).
  10. Construction of the scheme will commence late February 2017.
  11. Location of property connections will be discussed with the property owners during the construction phase.
  12. Council will offer bobcat trenching at a cost of $30.00 per hour on private property during the grace period of 3 years providing there is unrestricted access. Additional charges will apply if other equipment is required to assist with the trenching.

The proposed plan:  CWMS updated plan September 2017CWMS Plan Sept 17(6237 kb)

P McGuinness, Chief Executive Officer



Q: Who is the primary contact for this project?

A: Mr Mike Stephenson from Rashlee Pty Ltd has been appointed as the Project Manager for the CWMS and will be the contact for any construction issues you may have.


Q:  When can I access plans?  And where?

A:  Preliminary plans are available on Council’s website(www.peterborough.sa.gov.au/CWMS) or on the front counter of the Council office.


Q:  How long will the construction take?

A:  Preliminary works will commence first week of February and gearing up to full construction of the system that will commence the first week of March 2017 and take approximately 12-18 months to build.


Q:  Who will repair the pathways and kerbing?

A:  Reinstatement of roads and footpaths will be carried out by the contractor.


Q:  Can I move my point of connection? 

A:  Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to work commencing in your street the project manager / contractor will attempt to make contact with the owner/resident to discuss the best available position for the connection point, if the owner/resident is unavailable a marker/paint will be left at the preferred location and flyer with contact details will be left.

If you will be away for any time during the construction phase you should contact the project manager now to discuss your preferred location.


Q:  Can I dig my own trench under the instruction of a plumber?

A:  Yes, but a qualified plumber is the only person who can connect that pipe to the system.


Q:  Who locates any infrastructure (pipes, cabling), on my property before digging begins?

A:  The main infrastructure will be constructed from the road to the property’s boundary, it is the owners responsibility to connect a pipe from the house to the boundary connection point.  As is the case with any digging on private property it will be the owner’s responsibility to locate any other services on the property.  You can do this by contacting Dial Before You Dig and lodging a free enquiry either by visiting their website: www.1100.com.au, calling 1100 during business hours, or using the iPhone App.


Q:  When can I connect?

A:  When the system construction phase has been completed, the scheme will then be commissioned for use (approximately July 2018).  From this point on you can arrange, with a suitably qualified and licensed plumber, for your connection to take place.


Q:  How much will it cost me to connect?

A:  Each property will be different, and you should obtain quotations from a licensed plumber.


Q:  What do I need to do with my current septic tank/soakage wells?

A:  Your old tank/soakage well should be removed or collapsed in and holes punched in the bottom and the necessary fill placed in the hole to make the area safe.


Q:  Are there any systems in place to stop a back-flow, and the sewerage coming back up the pipe?

A:  Each property must have an “overflow relief gully trap” installed as part of your house plumbing. 

You should already have this in place to prevent any back flow from your current system.


Q: Do I need approval?

A: Yes you will be required to submit a waste water application to Council for approval to connect and once connected the plumber must provide a certificate of compliance.  All Council fees and charges will be waived during the 4 year grace period.


Q:  What happens during a power outage, how will the system run?

A:  The system has been designed so that all waste will flow under gravity to pump stations.  At these pump stations there are tanks located beneath the ground which can hold waste for a period defined by the Department for Health and Ageing.  Council will have generators that will be connected to the pump stations every six hours to keep the tanks clear.


Q:  How will the individual pump stations run during a long-term power outage?

A:  Should there be a power outage for a long period of time Council will connect a generator so that the waste can be pumped from the underground storage tank to the main system.


Q:  Will there be any smell from the treatment pond site?

A:  Under normal operation odour nuisance from a treatment site is not an issue and the site will be distanced sufficiently from town as to not cause an issue.


Q: Can I connect stormwater to the system?

A: No, and penalties will apply for illegal stormwater connection.


Q:  When do we have to start paying the annual fee?

A:  The service charge for the CWMS of $540 per annum will commence on 1st July 2018.  However, (subject to confirmation in the budget process) the first year charge will be discounted to $270 and will then increase approximately by $67.50 per year until it reaches $540.  CPI will not be charged until the 5th year.


Q:  Are there concessions available?

A:  You will need to contact the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion for details on eligibility, telephone number: 1800 307 758  www.sa.gov.au\concessions.



Total Cost: $17.6 million

$2.5 million grant from the State Government / Local Government Association

$8.6 million grant from the Federal Government

$6.5 million to be paid by Council - financed on a principal and interest loan over 20 years


Mike Stephenson
CWMS Project Manager
Rashlee Pty Ltd
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District Council of Peterborough
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Peterborough SA 5422
Phone: 08 8651 3566
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